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Vessels range

The use of aggressive chemicals is unavoidable in the production, processing and finishing of many industrial products. If not handled properly, these substance can result in a hazard to people and the environment.

With the German Water Management Law (WHG), regulations were issued regarding the handling of water polluting substances according to the so-called “principle of concern”, to reduce the risks when handling environmentally hazardous substances.

In the interest of water protection, the scope of these regulations include plants and equipment for the stor-age, filling and transfer (“LAU” plants) and plants for the production, treatment and use (“HBV” plants) of water polluting substances in industry and in public facilities.

As a specialist company under the water management law, we have approval to install, erect, maintain and assemble LAU and HBV plants.

KUSTAN capabilities:

  • We produce series vessels (tanks) and collection and containment devices with approvals issued by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik in Berlin (DIBt) up to a volume of 50 m³.
  • During production, all tanks and collection and containment devices are subject to repeated, strict quality control, both in-house and by external monitoring bodies.
  • We offer you our additional support for special tanks and collection and containment devic-es outside our standard portfolio, which are subject to the water management law regula-tions.
Structural calculations are performed for all tanks using authorised programs. These calculations are based on the chemical and physical properties of the respective medium to be stored. As plastics themselves are subject to an ageing process, the tanks are usually designed for a theoretical use period of 25 years maximum. The use period can also be limited to a shorter period for specific media. The installation of comparative samples for interim material tests and / or recurring tests with inspection of the inside of the tank can become necessary.

We provide all necessary documents for the technical inspectorate (TÜV, e.g. TÜV Rheinland Industrieservice GmbH) for the expert opinion regarding modified material / media combination. At the same time, technical design drawings and checkable structural calculations for the stability analysis are prepared or structural calculations checked by the LGA Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern Nürnberg are handed over.

Our vessels portfolio offers you the following options:

  • Storage tanks in accordance with national technical approval Z-40.21-90 Flat bottom tanks and collection and containment devices made of polyethylene (PE) with wound cylinder jacket
  • Storage tanks in accordance with national technical approval Z-40.21-105 Flat bottom tanks and collection and containment devices made of polyethylene with cylinder jack-ets made of welded panels.
  • Other process vessels

This service makes your work as the operator easier when it comes to approvals management for officially specified type approval procedures.